Monthly Archives: September 2004

OWB PARIS : Early Review

Oracle was kind enough to invite bayon technologies to their World Headquarters in Redwood Shores, CA for testing and feedback on their next OWB release, codenamed Paris. During the week, a panel of expert partners and customers were asked to review new features, test these new features, and provide feedback to the OWB product team ahead of their release to the public later this year.

I will post “bite-size” reviews/observations about a new or improved area in OWB. This series will evaluate the new features as they would be applied in practical, ongoing development and management of traditional Business Intelligence and Decision Support Systems. At times it will be anecdotal, subjective, and opinionated. Other times they will merely convey acronyms and bullet lists of information. Whether they’re informative or rantings, I hope they are useful to you. Please feel free to be in touch with me with any comments/corrections to the series.