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How to Disable Drill Through on Pentaho Charts

I have some dashboard pages which show charts that are purely informational. They don’t need to click to anywhere. In fact, since I’m loading these charts via AJAX calls I do not want them to be linked. I want them to be images without any URLs and no clicks.

All of those bars / lines etc I just want to have hovers (to see the values, but no click through locations).

However, after looking through all the documentation and code for it, I couldn’t find a single way to suppress the generation of hyperlinks for the charts. Sure, I could get the image from the ChartComponent but then I wouldn’t get the hover values. Until it occurred to me. Why not just make a URL link that does nothing?

Adding the following fragment to the chart definition can make the link, in essence, do nothing and not even refresh the page. Meets my needs.


Not ideal though. It still shows the user a clickable area so the user may think the application isn’t working properly. I think BISERVER-2222 will be better in the long term but a stop gap measure that helps my customers for sure.

It is FINALLY here – Manage Datasources

Since the very first time I downloaded the Pentaho suite I’ve been wailing, screaming, shouting, snarking that there absolutely MUST be a way to manage data sources that does not involve XML.

Well… Holy Shit. At just under 3 years it’s here (Pentaho Administration Console from 2.0.M3 build):


This is a most appreciated feature for those getting started with Pentaho! Thank you to the Pentaho Engineers for whipping it up!
PS – It’s not perfect yet, but should be solid by 2.0 GA