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Windows never looked so GOOD!

In my last blog entry I was clear: Windows had crashed on me for the last time. I was through with the operating system from Redmond…


It’s a Microsoft world and I’m pragmatic enough to understand that there are simply SOME things that can not be done from Linux (device drivers for my all in one printer/scanner/fax are non existent for example). VMWare is invaluable in this regard and while I’ve raved about it before, I’ll say it again. It’s about the best 150 USD you can spend if you’re a developer.

So… Here’s how I’m using Windows that suits me just fine because it’s a) in VMWare so i only fire it up when need be and b) I’m using XGL and even Windows looks cool on the side of a 3D cube desktop.

Windows Looks Good

Last time Windows crashes on me

End of last week, Windows was kind enough to give me the annual “Blue Screen of Somehow I Screwed Up My Own Internals I Hope You Weren’t Doing Any Real Important Work Because You’ll Have to Reinstall the Operating System of Death.”  Gasp.

We’ve all been there.  What really bugged me is that when it happened, I sighed and just thought to myself that this is “the price of computing.”  This had become normal and acceptable to me… Then I shook myself a bit and became determined to rid myself, as much as possible, of the OS from Redmond.  No offense; I love Excel, think there’s some great usability in there, but it’s just not my cup of tea.

Eventually I’ll end up with a Macbook Pro; I feel the call of the siren as much as anybody.  Until then, I’m on Suse 10.1 desktop and so far I’m quite pleased. 

I’ll blog again later along on the specifics of the setup, but I’ll just say that the XGL desktop is both wicked COOL and very functional.