About this Data Dynamo and BI Geek

I’m a data geek.  I know it.

I spend my days helping customers, vendors, ISVs turn data into information.

I own a boutique consulting firm, Bayon Technologies, Inc. that specializes in Business Intelligence, Oracle, and Open Source Business Intelligence.

2 thoughts on “About this Data Dynamo and BI Geek

  1. Juan

    I’ve read your website and I find it very interesting. I need help to build data marts using pentaho. I’ve a general cube and I would like to make data marts from it. Could you help me?.

    Thank you in advance.
    Best regards.

  2. Ravi Kasamsetty

    My team is currently working to build Actionable real-time dashboards using Mondrian OLAP server and looking for training/consultation. We have a really hard deadline in delivering the product early next year. As we get deeper and deeper into design/implementation of the Mondrian cubes, star schema, aggregate tables etc, we wanted to get some consultation and guidance from Mondrian/OLAP/MDX experts to make sure we are heading the right direction.
    We are located in Sunnyvale, CA, and are looking to have an on-site consultation for a day or two. It could be mostly Q&A session to get some guidance in building the solution:
    – design of the cubes,
    – fact/dimension tables,
    – MDX queries etc.
    We are performing a real-time continuous ETL that creates a fact table directly (with low latency) from incoming system events. The dashboards will be are essentially web UI clients accessing the Mondrian server – specifically, we plan to build Dojo based UI widgets which would basically be MDX clients to the Mondrian server.
    Please let me know if you offer any such training/consulting. I also would like to get details as to when is the earlier you could do it, and what the price would be.



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