Monthly Archives: September 2006

ETL for MySQL using Pentaho Kettle Webinar

Our good friends at MySQL and Pentaho are hosting a webinar about ETL for MySQL using Pentaho Kettle. 

ETL is a multipurpose technology, from straight data integration to data migration to reporting systems.  Kettle is primarily used in building Data Warehouse/Data Marts but can also be used for doing other useful MySQL admin tasks. 

Matt Casters and Lance Walter will give you the low down on Kettle:

I recommend it, even if you’re not interested in MySQL.  You’ll be surprised that an Open Source ETL tool is so visual and easy to use you may consider it for all kind of tasks.

Off Topic: Wedding Countdown

I’m getting married in just under two weeks! 

So very excited about a hundred or so people from all over the world flying to Lake Crescent here in Washington state.  It’s a lot of work and we’re coming down the home stretch.  If I appear to be “missing” for the next few weeks it is, well, because I AM!  I’ll be working like made wrapping up some work at Pentaho and then off for a couple of weeks for the wedding.

September will likely be pretty “dark” on the blog…