LucidDB has left Eigenbase moved to Apache License

This has been a long time in the making, but the LucidDB project is leaving the Eigenbase foundation to continue our development outside that organizations IP sharing, framework, and governance.

Community members will notice (or have already):

  • We are no longer using Perforce (YAAY!) and are now doing our primary LucidDB, Farrago, Fennel, and relevant extensions/test/build development work at github:
  • The Wiki is now hosted at  We will, over time, remove references to Eigenbase in that project documentation/etc.
  • Issue tracking is now ALSO over at github, and we have migrated all issues (historical and outstanding) over to the github project.

Part of the impetus for leaving Eigenbase was our desire for a more inclusive license, to permit additional use/collaboration by other companies in the spirit of open source.  We initiated this process, in good company and like minded individuals early last year.  Long story short this plight and political battles cost Eigenbase the resignations of the two, most critical participants at Eigenbase: Julian Hyde and John V. Sichi.  I join them now, as I resigned from the Eigenbase Board March 26.

Today I’m announcing that DynamoBI has released the entirety of the codebase, under the Apache Software License 2.0.  We welcome our community members ongoing contributions, and hope that companies looking to leverage such a great framework and technology take a look.  We welcome, wholeheartedly, your participation in the project under it’s new permissive license.

We continue to serve our existing customers with annual subscriptions to DynamoDB, our QA’ed and prepackaged commercial version of LucidDB.

Happy LucidDB-ing!

3 thoughts on “LucidDB has left Eigenbase moved to Apache License

  1. kimberlad

    Whilst this sort of thing is always a bit sad this is good news as what is a excellent idea seems to have stagnated and hopefully now it will start to blossom again.

    Any plans to move to the Apache foundation fully. Would make a very nice sister project to couchdb, hadooop etc especially now that BigCouch are merging there fork of couch in.

    Good luck

  2. Prasant

    Hi Nicholas!

    You have some awesome content concerning Big Data on your blog! At DZone, we were planning on putting up a Big Data Zone soon and are looking for excellent bloggers whose content we can host on the site. Shoot me an email if you’re interested!

  3. M Carter

    Hi Nick, what is happening lately with LucidDB? Have not seen found much development since you posted this blog about moving away from Eigenbase. Thanks!


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