Web Analytics meets SimCity

I have a customer with a few web properties. I am helping them sort out some of their web reporting needs and integrating them into a BI Environment. A few weeks back I mentioned to them, mostly jokingly, they should take a look at VisitorVille. They took the advice (althought it twasn’t really advice, just water cooler talk) and gave it a go. They pulled it straight away for technical reasons but I think they are still planning on hooking it up at some point.

It’s a rather unique product/service, and I’m not sure it’s applicable for many businesses, but I must say it is impressive looking. I think it just goes to show, there are many different and appropriate ways to view data enriched by a Business Intelligence system. I think there will always be wonderful and impressive ways to view data based on the particular data set, metaphor, and audience. I’m betting that the in between (data consumption, extraction, transformation, derivation, application of real time business logic, etc) will remain much the same, but presentation is where the creative types can add immense value and impact.

Too bad the business users can’t use VisitorVille like SimCity. Build another skyscraper (web page), a bus terminal from out of town (referral from an outside site) as easy as the real SimCity game allows. 🙂 Website owners would LOVE that… Manage your website from a game terminal.

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