OWB Runtime : How to purge audit data easily

The OWB runtime generates runtime audit data for every process, mapping, and file loading that it invokes. If you have intricate flows and load your warehouse/mart several times a day (every 5 minutes perhaps?) you’ll see these pile up quickly. The easiest user method for purging this audit data is through the OWB Runtime Browser that allows you to select (checkbox).

Sometimes you don’t want to manually do this, but rather have a way to do this programatically. Perhaps because you want to keep a clean house (always purge greater than 30 days old). Perhaps you generate a lot of audit data in a development environment that’s a hassle to delete from OWB RT Browser. Perhaps you rarely visit the OWB RT and don’t want to fuss with keeping it up.

Whatever your reason, please feel free to use the following little script to systematically purge old audit data. It must be run as your OWB Runtime Owner. I’ve not run this by Oracle, or seen them document this API so use it at your own risk. It works, though.

for purge_ids in (select distinct top_level_execution_audit_id id
where updated_on