For those of you using Oracle Warehouse Builder currently you are aware of the involved nature of installing the product and getting to a point you can do “real ETL.” It was multiple phases (product/design rep/runtime rep/target schema) and multiple steps in each. Once you’ve done it, and know what you’re doing one can do it in a few hours if you’ve already planned out your release. If you’re new, or aren’t quite familiar with OWB it can take days or even weeks.

I downloaded the latest beta release to install today, and I’m still amazed at how much the new version has improved this process! Download, Install Wizard(3 steps), Getting Started Wizard(3 steps), BAMMM! You’re ready to start building your data warehouse (provided of course, that you have experience in ETL and data warehousing).

Kudos to the OWB product team for simplifying this process!