OWB Administration and Operations Training

I put togther a three day training for a large US wireless company to help their Operations, System Administrators, and DBAs understand and administer an OWB Data Warehouse solution. These topics are covered only partially in the Oracle University course, and rightfully so. OWB is primarily a development tool and most people who use it are “developers;” some however are charged primarily with administering, testing, and managing OWB solutions. This course, offered only for private onsite trainings, is perfect for these individuals.

Here’s a PDF with the course outline, and sample slides. The training manual is hundreds of pages worth of slides, notes, and hands on exercises. If your company is interested in developing knowledge about OWB in your DBA, Operations, and System Administrators please email me to discuss bringing this course to your company.

This course is for Operators, Administrators, and Quality Assurance staff for organizations that utilize OWB. Students will learn the fundamental architecture of OWB, its repository structures, and how mappings are built (logically and physically). Students learn how to import, export, and sample metadata along with view metadata reports through the web. Students learn how to execute mappings from within OWB, and also from SQL scripts and Enterprise Manager.

Students will learn how to generate common trace files/plans for OWB mappings so they can leverage their existing knowledge and Oracle tuning skills. Students will understand the security features provided in OWB and what steps should be considered to help them secure their OWB installation. Students will also learn how to build powerful process flows, email notifications, error dispatching etc.