Pentaho Milestone 2 release

Since I probably piqued some interest with this blog, I figured I should post an update…

The folks at Pentaho have released some actual software. I’m head deep in an OWB Paris project so I’ve had ZERO time to have a look. I’d love for anyone who’s had a look to email me and let me know their impressions.

From their release briefing:

Using this release, you will be able to experience the streamlined install process and interact with a number of components and samples.

  • Reporting
    how to run reports, burst different content to different users, and parameterize reports.
  • Business rules
    how to include and use business rules in the creation and delivery of content.
  • Email
    how to send the results of a business rule or report creation to an email address, and how to do email bursting.
  • Printing
    how to print a report to a selected printer, how to do batch printing, and how to print bursting (applying different report parameters to individual printers).
  • Workflow
    how to initiate a workflow and pass parameters to it.
  • Bursting
    how to deliver customized versions of a generic report to different email addresses or printers
  • Scheduler
    how to schedule the actions of the Pentaho BI Platform
  • Web Services
    how to access the actions of the Pentaho BI Platform using web services
  • Navigation
    how to organize and describe content to users using Java Server Pages or portlets  
  • Many of the visual features such as wizards – you may have heard discussed or seen demonstrated are not scheduled for delivery until the next milestone release. Please bear this in mind as you use the product.