Has it been that long?

My start page is my blog… Every time that Firefox launches there’s the bayon blog either
a) verifying that it’s still up, I’ve paid my domain fees, my ISP hasn’t crashed, and that everything is 5×5
b) I haven’t posted anything of any consequence lately, my google page rank is lower, and overall I’ll feel like a slacker because I haven’t posted for a while

Unfortunately the past 6 weeks have very much been the latter instead of the former. My last post, on 8/7/2005 marked the starting week of a new “Paris” DW project that has kept me VERY busy (almost too busy). I’ve been queuing up several articles that just need the proper amount of time to take screenshots and write up… Here’s what I’ve got skeletons for:

  • CDC Expert for 10gR2: I’ve built an Expert that generates a Change Data Capture set of OWB objects (tables and mappings). I’ll release it publicly as soon as the preview release “hits the shelves” but ahead of that I can post some screenshots, etc.
  • OWB 10gR2 Transportable Modules: Using Data Pump and Transportable tablespaces one can do ETL at the speed of “copy”
  • OWB 10gR2 Real Time Data Warehousing: I had a customer wanting to do some “message based” integration with their BI system so I have some screen shots from a demo I did for them.
  • OWB 10gR2 What the Heck?: There some gotchas that could potentially break your OMB scripts, cause some of your perfectly valid 10gR1 operators to become invalid, etc. I’ll just post some of the gotchas I’ve found
  • Code Generation for Data Warehousing: I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, and think there’s more opportunity here then most people think. I recently had a customer drop a spreadsheet with 300+ “master table” fields in front of me and asked what it would look like in a proper reporting (ie, Dimensional) model. I used OMB to generate 32 Dimensions (levels, keys, scd types, attributes) 8 cubes and all their corresponding measures and FKs in about a day. There’s opportunity to do more here…

Email me and let me know if you’d like to put a request a particular article… And check out the rittman.net article on Data Profiling!