OWB 10gR2 slips to 2006

Originally reported by Mark Rittman:

Apart from Report Center though, there were no significant new products launched at Open World that affect BI and data warehousing – indeed, we were told this week that OWB Paris won’t be out until calendar year 2006 (that’s over two years late by my estimation) so there probably won’t be much new going on for a while now.

I emailed the OWB product managers in Redwood Shores and they confirmed that Paris will not be out until calendar year 2006.

I have mixed feelings about this development. OWB 10gR2 is such a marked improvement on OWB capabilities that I am dissapointed that most customers are unable to use it on their DW projects. I’m building a new DW using Paris for a customer in Houston and parts of the development are SCREAMING by because of some of the new Dimensional modeling features. That being said, using the beta product I’ve been only at 80% effectiveness. Simple things still tend to blow up and take some time to sort out… This is not a bad product, it’s a beta product. In that regard, I’m happy they’re waiting. OWB is a solid tool… Releasing it too early with issues would not help the uptake and long term reputation of the product.

I’m just hopeful it’s not Paris in 2012!