Blogs without Comments are SUPER LAME!

It’s been more than 85 blog posts that my readers have been forced to read my partially useful, mostly correct, blah blah blah without a voice. That’s right, readers have been forced to accept what I write as gospel because I’ve been afraid to open it up to the masses that will correct me. Errr…. that, or I’ve been “crazy lazy” (that’s a technical Oracle term) about getting a couple of nice Comment Templates setup in my blogging software.

Well, enough is enough…

I’m leading a revolt of my own blog readers! Leave a comment below telling me just how much you’ve loathed me for not allowing comments. Or, you can just say HI! I leave it to you… 🙂

Rambling aside, comments are VERY MUCH welcome and many many apologies for my template lazy-ness.

6 thoughts on “Blogs without Comments are SUPER LAME!

  1. J

    Arrh, stupid HTML. What I meant to say is:
    Now we can tell you when we think you’re full of [well I guess you get the picture]! 😉


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