OWB 10gR2 "End to End" Metadata Management

Here are the slides for the presentation I gave at the UKOUG conference last week. There was some interest about this, and while it was rather late in the day I think that there might have been some light bulbs going off for those attending. There were a couple of questions about using Model Driven Architecture metadata (ie, UML to generate your application code) to integrate with the warehouse and OWB. Generated application code (Java) and Generated ETL code (OWB) are a good marraige so I’d I think there’s some interest.

Check out the slides to get the gist of the presentation, but basically what we’re talking about here is extending the OWB Metadata Repository (OMB) to include additional items. Above is pictured some example UDOs that I created that would be quite interesting. Integrating Business Objects, Crystal, Oracle Reports, Discoverer Metadata with OWB to get a true “end to end” picture of the data moving through your enterprise.

Mark Rittman posted a picture of me giving the presentation as well!

Comments, as always, are very welcome!

This blog is part of the OWB Paris Early Review series which reviews and comments on several new Paris features.

One thought on “OWB 10gR2 "End to End" Metadata Management

  1. Jeff Moss

    It was certainly an interesting and thought provoking presentation delivered very well. I’m sure we’ll discuss OWB and Paris in particular more over the coming months…great to meet you in the UK as well.



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