I was having a discussion with the CEO of an Open Source company recently and we started discussing our opinion of the “kett uhl” Open Source ETL projects. It quickly became clear that we had different ideas about the project and its sponsorship. Until there was a clearly identifying difference… An “ah ha” moment.

Kinetic ETL (open source ETL project) is not the same as KETTLE (open source ETL project).

There’s only a handful of Open Source ETL projects currently. It seems silly that there should already be brand confusion for such a small group of players… Anyone from either of these projects care to comment on their choice of such similar names? Pure coincidence?

4 thoughts on “KETL != KETTLE

  1. Matt Casters

    Sure, recently even KETL popped up.

    Nicolas, you make a very good point, but I’m not going to change the name Kettle just because some other projects popped up the last couple of years.

    I always thought the analogy with a Kettle was very nice: throw data together in a kettle and take out what you need in a new form.
    The toolset is also in the same line of thought: Spoon (transformations GUI), Pan (transformation batch), Chef(jobs GUI), Kitchen(jobs batch), Waiter (Scheduling), Menu (data model)

    Feel free to contact us if you want to know more, need assistance on Kettle or want to join the team. Kettle was created for people like you. (and me ;-))



  2. Nicholas Goodman

    Kettle was an existing product then, dating back a few years? The recency with Kettle is the transition from a product to an OS project then?

    I do like the Kettle metaphor… 🙂

    I don’t think anyone should have to change their project names… As long as there isn’t trademark issues everyone is welcome to choose their name as they please.

    fyi, my initial impressions of your project are quite positive. I’ll have to take a deeper look when time allows!

  3. Nicholas Wakefield

    We were quite surprised when we discovered the Kettle project, as we have been in the data warehousing space since the 90’s and have been using our own platform since 2001 for clients that didn’t have the budget, need for commercial offerings or needed something to compliment what they already have. The name is just a simple play on Kinetic Networks and ETL (KNETL doesn’t sound as good). For more information drop me a line and I can tell you about some of success stories and product architecture.


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