DAMA-PS March 2nd

I’ve been a member of DAMA-PS since I moved to Seattle in 2004. I wasn’t able to make last years DAMA day but I’m looking forward to DAMA day 2006 in Seattle. If you’re in the area, check it out:

Morning Keynote:
Stephen Brobst
Best Practices in Enterprise Meta Data Management
and Data Warehouse Deployments

This session provides a taxonomy of data warehouse
topologies and discussion of best practices for enterprise
data warehouse deployment. Characterization
of performance, total cost of ownership, and business
functionality will be used to describe tradeoffs
among various choices in topology and architecture
deployment. Implementation techniques using integrated,
federated, and data mart architectures will
be discussed as well as deployment of four distinct
classes of meta data (end user, design technical and
semantic) which will be described in the context of
creating a single source of truth for enterprise decision
making across multiple lines of business- and
functionally-oriented organizational boundaries.

Afternoon Keynote:
David Loshin
Master Data Management and Data Standards:
Building From Consensus

The hot topic these days is master data management,
or being able to capture and manage reference
data as a shared corporate asset that
feeds into both production operational and analytical
applications. However, in the absence of
an agreement as to the semantics of the data
objects being “master-managed,” the perpetual
problems of misunderstanding the data will infiltrate
your applications. Developing a master
data management program provides an opportunity
for the business and technical teams to
discuss and agree to standards for the structure,
form, and most importantly, meanings of the
data elements to be managed. In this session,
we’ll discuss using a data standards approach
to successfully support a master data management

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