Off Topic: Two G's

UPDATE: Some people have emailed asking if everything is alright. Overall the changes are very positive but thanks for all those concerned!
UPDATE 2: My 95% figure was apparently, grossly incorrect. Assuming you are an IT making more than 35000 GBP, or 62000 USD, or 52000 EUR annually you are in the richest 99% of the world. Once again… we are so very fortunate, collectively. Happy to update and correct it here! 🙂

My life is changing… some professional aspects and personal aspects. Emotions are a part of life and I’ve been facing rational and irrational emotions and thoughts about change. I’m excited and anxious all at once…

And you want to know what? Gratitude and genorosity are the most POWERFUL soothing emotions.

Grateful that you have a roof over your head, food in your cabinet, health, loved ones, and the opportunity to chase dreams professionally. The human condition longs for wanting more, but being thankful for what you have is a powerful idea. Humbling and potent!

Genorosity, or giving with no thought of return, speaks to us all as human beings. Giving some time to strangers in need, random acts of kindness, etc.

So… if you’re reading this blog you are likely an IT professional interested in Oracle, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence or Open Source; you are better off financially than 95(99)% of the people on planet earth. Consider taking 30 seconds that you spent reading this blog and explore the things you are grateful for. I bet you’ll feel better with that knowledge than any OWB trick or Open Source BI insight you could have grokked in the same 30 seconds.

And now… we return you to regularly scheduled programming.

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