It’s official: I’m joining Pentaho as Director of BI Solutions.

Most of you arrive here because you’re either an Oracle professional, or are interested in Open Source BI.

To the Oracle professionals on the wire; take note. I’m suspending a healthy Oracle consultancy to get into “the big game.” It is really BIG GAME too… Business Intelligence is a HUGE, growing market and bringing open source to bear on real customer problems will be astounding. I can speak your language (we could talk about rollback segments if we WANTED to… not that we would) so if you want to talk to someone who knows both side of the coin (Oracle and Open Source) email me.

To the Open Source readers on the wire; take note. I’m voting for who I think will be the winner of the open source BI game with my own career. I’ve put all the chips on the table and my bet is on Pentaho.

To anyone who reads this blog; stay tuned. I’ll be moving the blog to a non-bayon branded location so that it more accurately reflects me as a voice in open source BI rather than an “oracle guy” blogging about open source BI.

I know everyone at Pentaho, including myself, is excited to help leverage my experience as a practitioner for their customers, partners and community.

I promise to help make Open Source BI a reality by showing you, the DBA/IT/Analyst how to help business users make sense of a sea of data, using the best collection of Open Source BI technologies available.

— Insert Pentaho Tribal War Cry Here —

OK… Since I’m shutting down my consultancy to join Pentaho the least you can do is give ’em two clicks. Just kidding… but really, help let the world know that Open Source BI is something you believe in by voting for Pentaho for SourceForge community awards!

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