Trying Qumana

I recently moved to WordPress as a blogging engine.  So far I’ve liked it very much, and the WYSIWYG editor in the web browser is pretty good.  Much better, in my opinion than the web based  Movable Type editor.

That being said, I reall do like being able to blog quickly and efficiently from my desktop.  Screen captures, text, copy and paste URLs, all make blogging feel much more like a treat; a thing you get into the rhythym of instead of taking time out of the day to get things "ready to go."

Now, if I ever decide to go Linux flat out I’ll have to do this all over again I suppose.  Until then, I think I rather like it.

One thing I think is missing from nearly all of these desktop blogging products is the ability to do real copy and paste.  Everything has to already be in a file.  For quick screen captures to blog I’d LOVE for a tool to just accept clipboard data and make it into a file.  Anyone know of any product that does that?

4 thoughts on “Trying Qumana

  1. Richard Byrom

    Try out blogjet. I tried out a number of different blogging clients and came to the conclusion that this was the best. It also has plugins for firefox/IE where you can just select text and blog it. It also integrates well with feeddemon which is another essential buy if you’re a blogger

  2. Karl

    Hi again
    Editormonky has a paste in tool (in conjunction with the fckeditor) which enables you to paste Winword content as it is into the posting.

  3. Maxim Ivashkov

    Hi Nicholas,
    I hope you have a good backup of you blog, unlike your friend (that lost all his posts). I am using blogger of Google. Besides the fact that it is automatically backuped on the server, you can post just by sending an email to your blog smts. like
    and the copy will stay in your sent items so en extra backup guranteed 🙂
    I checked several blogs and could not find this very useful feature in my opinion. I guess you can do it from you mobile as well so we all get more post at your great blog!

    Maxim Ivashkov


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