Use Open Source BI: Win a Mac Mini

Tomorrow MySQL and Pentaho are presenting on how MySQL and Pentaho can work together to deliver exceptional value when used in combination to solve Business Intelligence and Reporting business challenges.

I’ve been working more and more with MySQL over the past couple of months since joining Pentaho and I’m pleasantly surprised.  On the good side of the 80/20 rule (ie, 80% of users want 20% of the features) it’s exceptionally "good enough" for things that I want to do.

Back to the tagline.

Tomorrow, Pentaho is highlighting our desire to be as easy to MySQL users as MySQL is.  We want to understand how to make it increasingly easy to use Pentaho with MySQL.  In return for providing Pentaho with much needed feedback on ease of use and the user experience for installation/configuration Pentaho is giving away a Mac Mini.  It’s no iPod, thank heavens, as everyone is giving those away these days. 

10am PT, 1pm ET in the US.  Register and dial in here.  Read the press release here.

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