Passionate Career Change

One of my professional mentors, and my “boss” through my time at Matchlogic, Inc. recently took a leap from Software Development to Solar Energy.  Steve is an exceptional architect, developer, and all around skilled software engineer.  He’s built systems that are exceptional functional and well designed. 

While the Java world will mourn the loss of an exceptional technologist, the Solar Energy industry will benefit greatly from his talent.  I know that Steve will be successful in his new business; he’s smart, capable, and more than anything else he’s passionate about Solar Energy.

Check out his blog if you’re interested in Solar Energy.

One thought on “Passionate Career Change

  1. Steve Burman

    Thanks for the kind words, Nick, and I appreciate your support in this new chapter. Life’s too short not to be living the dream. I wish that everyone reading this can find true pride and excitement in what they’re doing.


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