Atlassian: A company I hold in high esteem

Atlassian, makers of Jira and Confluence, is an exceptional company in my opinion.

  • They make a solid product that gives users the “I kick ass” feeling. 
  • They understand the benefit of making it easy to BUY software, instead of SELLING software to people.  You can eval their product and purchase it on your CC and expense it.  No stiff suits and long high touch sales cycles.
  • They’re open.  They have open APIs, plugins, modules, web services, work with about any app server/db, have transparent discussions about product/features/bugs in public.
  • They’re “open source — eee” without an open source license.  They are all the great things about community, openness, flexibility, and choice; they are NOT themselves open source but contribute symbiotically with code and free licenses
  • They’re HONEST about their open source stance: We contribute to core projects, give our product for free, but we are NOT open source ourselves.  It’s really quite simple, Open Source (capital O, capital S) means that the software has an OSI approved license. If it doesn’t, don’t use the term.”
  • Young, smart, energetic, smart, focused, did I mention smart?

I’d been waiting to publicly describe my regards for this company but this just put me over the edge:

any Atlassian employee can spend up to 6 paid work days a year working for non-profits or charities of their choice.

Not dogging the 20% Google employees get for any project, but WOW.  What a committment to values beyond the bits.  Really shows me that the “community” that Jira believes in is more than just lip service for software sales.  They believe it.

Kudos.  I look forward to suggesting to everyone I know to purchase your product.

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