Pentaho 1.2 goes GA

Last December Pentaho released it’s first certified, Generally Available product. In the past year there has been an astounding number of features added to the platform. Those who keep up with the open source releases (approximately every 6-8 weeks) have been able to watch the progression piecemeal.

Pentaho announced today the General Availability of Pentaho 1.2 which represents nearly one year of Pentaho (and community) contribution.

The past 3 months Pentaho and the community at large have widdled down Bugs, hiccups, issues, etc with all this new code and arrived at something suitable for production. Pentaho users (customers and community alike) have a set of bits they can feel pretty confident using. I’m proud of this effort, and wish to congratulate all those who submitted (or fixed!) Bugs. One of the things I love about open source: everyone benefits greatly from small acts of contribution.

Happy Holidays and Thank You!

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