Why "web 2.0" works

There’s an intersection of value at
a) products that are web service and plugin enabled
b) companies that provide interesting “net effect” services

For instance, tonight my hosting provider, Dreamhost, emailed and said that my feed was being hit so extensively that I was causing service interruptions on the other accounts on the machine. 

First, to the other sites, and I have no idea who you are but I’m sorry!

Second, I was able to leverage a web 2.0 – ish service and plugin to instantly alleviate the pain (with a cached redirected version of my feed) and now I’m getting some cool extra stats on my RSS (who/how/what).  All in < 30 minutes.

Because my blogging software works in the networked world, things happen easier and more naturally than me having to hack around a bunch of code special scripting/patching on my website.  Plugins/Service/etc.  It’s a grand new world.

PS – I guess I’m over that whole “bloggers block” thing.  Spouting out useless crap on my blog again.

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