Readers: Thank you for the Latte

About 10 days ago I decided to experiment with AdWords. I was mostly interested in what ads would be placed in my content. For the most part there’s not been any big surprises and most the indexing and ads presented are spot on. Oracle pages for Oracle consultancies. Pentaho Pages show ads for Talend (these guys buy themselves to the top of pretty much every somewhat related page/term). The ads to begin with were a bit bizarre, but once Google had indexed all seemed normal.

Well… The best news about my experiment is that YOU, my READERs have contributed USD 5.50 to my Latte fund! The next big quad shot espresso beverage drink will be that much sweeter. Seriously, thanks for reading, and thanks for the latte!

PS – The ads will probably go away when I get a few minutes to take it out.

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