Happy New Year 2009!

I resisted the urge to post a “2008 recap” and “2009 predictions” since that seemed to be well covered in lots of different circles/blogs.

Ahhh… Who am I kidding? I’m just lazy! 2008 was a crappy year (personally, but not professionally) and 2009 is off to a great start (personally, but not professionally)!

Already I’m very much enjoying 2009 even though the consulting work is shaping up pretty light these first few weeks.

Need any help with Mondrian/Kettle/Pentaho? I’m available for smaller 3-20 day engagements remotely and onsite in North America.

The best part about the start of the year, was I was able to get some time testing, updating, and deploying to my demo server the two projects that Bayon has been sponsoring over the past few months.

JDBCKettle – Allows for Kettle transformations to be used in an EII fashion. This allows you to use a (set of) kettle transformations and access via SQL.

PentahoFlashCharts – Updated to OFC 2.0 and Pentaho 2.0.stable it also includes new XML Template for building charts. Right now it’s diverged from the Pentaho chart standard but I hope to get back to the standard pentaho chart definition before this goes to an initial Beta release.

I’ll be blogging more about these projects in the coming days.

Happy New Year!

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2009!

  1. Feris Thia

    Great job guys !

    With BI-Server 2.0, Pentaho Meta Data Editor, Pentaho Report Designer and now… these 2 great components. Now you enable us, partner to integrate Pentaho components more easily.

    I’d like to thank you for the efforts !

    Will wait for your upcoming articles.


  2. John Sichi

    Nice work, Nick. It would be fun to combine JDBCKettle with Eigenbase SQL/MED for comprehensive SQL EII support, pipelined like this:

    Kettle Transformation -> JDBCKettle -> JDBC Foreign Data Wrapper -> Complex SQL Query -> JDBC -> Pentaho Report



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