DynamoBI: website? bits?

Well, what a soft launch it has been. 🙂

Some people have asked:

When are you going to get a website? Errr…. Soon! We soft launched a bit early, due to some “leaking information” but figured heck, it’s open source let’s let it all out. Soon enough, I swear!

Where can I download DynamoDB? Errr… you can’t yet cause we haven’t finished our build/QA/certification process.

However, since DynamoDB is the alter ego business suit wearing brother of LucidDB, just download the 0.9.2 release if you want to get a sense of what DynamoDB is.

There are 3 built binaries (Linux 32, Linux 64, and Windows 32): http://sourceforge.net/projects/luciddb/files/luciddb/luciddb-0.9.2/ and you can find installation instructions here.

DynamoDB will have the same core database, etc. So, from a raw feature/function perspective what you download and see with LucidDB will be what you get in DynamoDB. DynamoDB will have an administration UI to make things like setting up foreign servers, managing users, etc easier. And lots of other cool new features on the longer term roadmap, which if when we get a website would be a great place for that to go!

Until then, use the open source project, LucidDB. I think you’ll like it!

One thought on “DynamoBI: website? bits?

  1. Tom Barber

    That leaking information had nothing to do with me and my inability to work out what was common knowledge and what wasn’t…. honest. Talk about PR though, from a community standpoint could you get much more attention(not due to leaking from whomever it was, that is)!


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