NoSQL Now 2011: Review of AdHoc Analytic Architectures

For those that weren’t able to attend the fantastic NoSQL Now Conference in San Jose last week, but are still interested in the slides about how people are doing Ad Hoc analytics on top of NoSQL data systems, here’s my slides from my presentation:

No sql now2011_review_of_adhoc_architectures

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We obviously continue to hear from our community that LucidDB is a great solution sitting in front of a Big Data/NoSQL system. Allowing easy SQL access (including super fast, analytic database cached views) is a big win for reducing load *AND* increasing usability of data in NoSQL systems.

One thought on “NoSQL Now 2011: Review of AdHoc Analytic Architectures

  1. Eric

    Mr. Goodman,
    I was wondering if you’d be interested in getting some of your blog posts out to a readership of developers interested in NoSQL and Big Data / Analytics. Having looked over some of you posts, I think our readers at DZone would benefit from your expertise.


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