OWB Paris Webcast

I recently gave a presentation at NWOUG on the new features of Paris and thought it worthwhile to post a similar presentation on my blog.

This is my first time producing a rich media presentation and did so rather quickly with the help of a tool called Camtasia Studio. Consider yourself duly warned: the audio is not that great, I didn’t do any editing, and it’s just me chatting over some screenshots of the product. You’ll need flash (1024×768 too), and I’ve split it up by segments for easy viewing. If you’re already familiar with OWB consider skipping ahead to OWB 10gR2 Overview and continuing on from there. They are each a few minutes, and are not in great depth but give a sense for the feature and it’s applicability.

I do hope it’s useful for those eager to get some new information on the Paris release of OWB. Feel free to drop me a line if you have Q’s about OWB Paris or otherwise.

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OWB 10gR2 Overview
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