Headless VNC is MUCH faster

I’ve used RealVNC for quite sometime, and find that it is a quick and easy method for occasional remote access. Did I mention it’s free?

Since I typically only need it for Windows machines I had only used the Windows VNC Server version. With Linux, “ssh -l user -X myhostname.company.com” would usually suffice. The Windows version polls to check for updates to the window, or screen, or underneath the mouse, etc.

I’ve been duly impressed by the headless VNC server that comes with my White Box Linux. I was expecting a similar experience with delays, pixelation, screen refresh issues but I’ve experienced NONE of that. When I full screen my VNC client I notice little difference than if I were at the console. Anyhow, I just thought I’d mention that the headless Linux VNC is much much better than the Windows polling VNC. Happy network computing!