Best Coverage of Oracle Streams?

I see there is a book on Streams from Rampant but I’ve heard mixed reviews of Rampant books… I will probably end up buying it (only $12 at Amazon right now) but wanted to ask if anyone has any book suggestions with great detail and examples on Oracle Streams… I’m sure I can sort through some of the OTN material and the manual, but I’d like another resource. Thanks for any recommendations readers have in this regard!

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4 thoughts on “Best Coverage of Oracle Streams?

  1. Nicholas Goodman

    That would be excellent! Thanks! Please do bring it up. Although, returning it to you would probably be more expensive than buying the book ($12). If it’s truly a spare that you don’t need back excellent, thx! If you think you’d like it back eventually though…

  2. Mihajlo Tekic

    I am investigating Oracle Streams capabilities and I am planning to buy that book published by rampant. Did you review it? What is your impression of it?
    Do you know where I can find good resources and examples for Oracle Streams implementations?

    — Mihajlo

  3. Neeraj


    I have a copy of the book. Its not a good book(as Rampant books are). No Practical examples are there.



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