OWB released for Windows

The latest “patch” (and you’ll see why this is in quotes shortly) to OWB 10g Release 1 has just been posted in Metalink (patch number 4703215).

It’s a slightly odd patch, seeing that it requires installation into a new Oracle home and the patch installation notes read more like a major upgrade. It’s a 528MB patch… That’s a full installation mind you! Paul Narth posted in the OTN forums that there is an in place repository upgrade so you can patch from 10x to for the repositories.

Other than just a bunch of bug fixes, why patch to

    Two reasons:

  • Paris is “wicked late” pushed out to Calendar Year 2006
  • It will run on Oracle DB 10gR2 which and prior DO NOT

3 thoughts on “OWB released for Windows

  1. Jeff Moss

    Thanks for the heads up there – makes the case for upgrading our that much stronger now – particularly the ability to use 10gR2.

    Yes, we were told that we might get Paris in November, 2004 when we started our warehouse back in summer 2004 – we decided not to hang on for it…phew!

  2. Nicholas Goodman

    Paris in 2004… 2 years late! I have a customer who is going to keep their built Paris DW in pilot (ie, production but not officially) until the release but I can’t say that it isn’t a little uneasy running real data on a “beta.”

    See you in at UKOUG, right?


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