OWB 10gR2 : Embedded OMBPlus

Not a long entry, but I did want to post some information on a useful little feature in the Paris release of OWB.

OMBPlus is the Swiss Army Knife for OWB developers. It allows you to do “OWB Stuff” without using the OWB GUI. If you’ve ever had to do many repeatable things in OWB you’ll be thankful for the hours that OMBPlus can save you! More details on OMBPlus can be found on OTN.

Currently you have to fire up OMBPlus seperate from the application and run it kind of like a text shell (interactive or fed a script). In the next release of OWB they’ve put this interactive shell environment as one of the panels in the design center. This is SOOOO very convenient when building OMB scripts.

Make a note though, some things won’t work in the context of the embedded OMBPlus window. Basically, things that require connecting to the OWB repository in SINGLE USER MODE you’ll still have to fire it up seperately (such as creating UDOs, etc).

This blog is part of the OWB Paris Early Review series which reviews and comments on several new Paris features.

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