Must have IE to evaluate SQL Server?

Microsoft is spending millions upon millions to launch and promote their new SQL Server 2005 release. I’m guessing they want every developer and nerdy IT type to check it out. They want to get into the VLDB and HA corporate data centers, and claim some of those vi using, I can write x86 assembly if I want to, firefox using, developers and DBAs.

The irony?

10% of the web surfing population won’t be able to evaluate it because the SQL Server 2005 homepage doesn’t load with Firefox.

Any other Firefox users able to load the page? Or is this another example of “Drink the MSFT koolaid or be gone with you!”?

5 thoughts on “Must have IE to evaluate SQL Server?

  1. Pete_S

    Well that’s fun… I’ve got bored with that page reloading and reloading so had a look in IE (oh, the shame of it!) It’s as if they forget people have a choice

    I saw that now Teradata seems to have opted out of the Winter survey Msft is up there in the VDLB top 10


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