Best ETL for this in Oracle?

I’m usually posting pictures about fancy new features in OWB Paris, and doling out little tidbits about how to this and that… I thought I’d change it up a bit and ask a question! Now that I’ve got comments working I can do fun things like that! I don’t want to influence any ideas so I won’t mention how I would go about this, so, here ’tis.

What is the most EFFECIENT way using Oracle SQL to calculate effective/expiration for denormalized tables? ie, if you have two tables with the SAME natural key with their own set of effective/expiration dates what is the most EFFICIENT SQL to generate a new denormalized table with accurate effective/expiration dates?

Consider the following example ERD:

What’s everyones favorite solution?

2 thoughts on “Best ETL for this in Oracle?

  1. Brrr

    This question perked my interest. BUT if you ask a question post the scripts to create the test tables. You have met da di da


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