Simple OWB Runtime Report

A slight variation on some SQL I posted a few months back:

For MAPPING executions list the Start TIme, clock time in seconds, number of records selected, and the throughput.
ae.created_on start_time,
ae.object_name map_name,
ae.elapse_time time_in_seconds,
mr.number_records_selected total_num_records,
trunc(mr.number_records_selected / ae.elapse_time) records_per_second
all_rt_audit_executions ae,
all_rt_audit_map_runs mr
1 = 1
and ae.execution_audit_id = mr.execution_audit_id
and ae.elapse_time != 0
order by 1

WARNING: While I think it poses little risk, use at your own risk and ensure it’s right for your environment… Same thing everyone says about code/SQL posted on the internet.

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