gotomeeting HUGE VALUE!

As a consultant working with companies and people throughout the world I need easy ways to connect with people to be effective. Presentations to potential customers, collaborators on open source projects, and of course day to day work with customer staff to do things “together” albeit offsite.

I can honestly say the 50 USD charge for the service is money WELL SPENT and I never look upon as anything but good value. It’s a quick, user friendly, and relatively robust meeting software that allows me to screen share with up to 10 people anywhere in the world within about 30 seconds. Their pricing is awesome, and allows for unlimited meetings (included phone conferencing) for just 50 USD.

I highly recommend it for anyone working with disparate groups of collaborators and organizations (ie, not all at the same company using the “corporate” eMeeting software) or any consultant on the national or international basis.

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