ODTUG Paris Presentation

ODTUG accepted two of my presentation proposals on OWB. Unfortunately, the presentation on “Real Time Data Warehousing” had to be cut because the same happen to the feature in the Paris release.

However, I’ll still be giving a survey of new features.

Oracle Warehouse Builder 10gR2-Late, but PACKED with Features!
Oracle Warehouse Builder 10gR2 is packed with useful features and not just for the data warehouse professional. Improved ETL, expanded metadata capabilities, and advanced dimensional editors will mean a great deal to data warehouse developers. Features like model-based streams integration and the data profiling/cleansing features will even make DBAs sing Oracle Warehouse Builder praises.

If you’re interested in attending, register for the virtual conference here: https://www.odtug.com/ssl/Virtual_2006_registration.asp. You can still get early bird pricing until February 1st.

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