ODTUG Desktop Conference

I’m looking forward to popping my virtual head into a few of the ODTUG Conference 2006 sessions. In particular the following look to be well worth the registration fee:

Mark Rittman
Oracle XML Publisher-What’s It All About?
Oracle XML Publisher is the hot new Oracle BI and reporting tool that lets you build production-quality reports using a Microsoft Word add-in. This presentation looks at what XML Publisher does, how it works, how you use it, and whether it’s a replacement for Oracle Reports.

Irene Chen
DBI: The Good, Bad, and Ugly—Comparing a Successful to a Not-So-Successful Implementation

Daily Business Intelligence (DBI) is an integrated out-of-the-box reporting and analysis application that enables managers and executives to see relevant, accurate, and timely information using self-service dashboards. However, depending on how DBI is implemented, a company can get great results that help improve various aspects of its business. We will compare two DBI implementations, and discuss best practices for key portions of the implementation process. This session is intended for functional and technical users who are responsible for planning the DBI implementation and who need a more in depth understanding of Daily Business Intelligence reporting.

Rene De Vleeschauwer
Ikan Software
Common Warehouse Metamodel (CWM) Compliant, Multi-Dimensional Modeling and Oracle Analytical Workspaces (AW)
This presentation will explain how to model an Oracle AW application using multi-dimensional techniques which are OMG/CWM-compliant and using an MDA architecture to generate the analytical workspaces.

Nicholas Goodman
Bayon Technologies, Inc.
Oracle Warehouse Builder 10gR2-Late, but PACKED with Features!

Oracle Warehouse Builder 10gR2 is packed with useful features and not just for the data warehouse professional. Improved ETL, expanded metadata capabilities, and advanced dimensional editors will mean a great deal to data warehouse developers. Features like model-based streams integration and the data profiling/cleansing features will even make DBAs sing Oracle Warehouse Builder praises.

Had to throw in the shameless plug for my own presentation!

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