Five Tough Questions, HA!

I received an email for an online webinar on ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) products. The email claims to be a “tough as nails” get to the details type of webinar (usually good in my mind). They even listed the five tough questions they’re gonna grill the vendors with:

The Five Tough ESB Questions Will Get Answered!

  1. How do ESB architectures work with existing infrastructures
  2. What are ESB’s most popular features
  3. Can you show us some real-world user cases
  4. Please tell us about ESB Best Practices
  5. How are ESBs helping define SOA roadmaps for many firms

What a bunch of softballs! Tough Questions yeah right!

My favorite is number 2. That’s right, we’re going to grill you! What is your biggest selling point and why do users just LOVE your product. Puhhhlease.

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