Ingres Goes Silent

A while back I blogged about Ingres going GPL. I wasn’t alone in my disapproval and Ingres thought it should take some time for reflection, consider the needs of the community and partners, and make a decision about interface code being a more biz friendly open source license (ie, non viral GPL).

An updated was promised in a “few days” on February 12th. It’s been almost a month… I echo this again, Ingres has MUCH to learn about being an open source company if they go silent to their community for almost a month. Open Source is interactive, it’s public, it’s democratic, it’s real. Traditional “black hole” corporate decision making is sooooo RDBMS 1990s.

Sigh… I’m available to anyone at Ingres who is actually interested in learning about this whole “open source community” thing and what it means in PRACTICE not just MARKETING MATERIALs. 🙂 Drop me a line (email is in the box on the right) if anyone is listening and is interested in actually engaging a community outside their current customers.

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