Oracle: We'll always have Paris

Nothing like running down a good movie quote with techno-babble.

Some people have inquired if I’m heading to Pentaho because I dislike the Oracle tools; specifically if the significant delays (2+ yrs) on Paris have worn on me. I can emphatically state this is NOT the case! I’m moving to Pentaho because Open Source BI is REALLY REALLY cool not because I was unhappy with Oracle Business Intelligence technologies.

I think Paris is a significant improvement for Oracle customers and still believe it provides significant VALUE for customers. That’s one of the reasons I like Pentaho Data Integration (aka Kettle); it provides VALUE in different but very compelling ways.

So, Oracle Warehouse Builder remains a good value/choice in my book. I just think that Open Source BI/ETL/OLAP/DB shines in the “value” equation and I’m thrilled to help make that happen for real customers needing real solutions.

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