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I’ve made the switch from Movable Type to WordPress.  I’ve used Movable Type for more than two years now, quite happily actually, but thought it high time to move to WordPress.  I’m rather impressed with WordPress thus far; very competitive product all in all.  Some things in the installation were even EASIER than MT.

I turned on comments/trackbacks on my MT blog approximately 7 weeks ago.  In that 7 weeks, I had received more than 2,000 spam comments, trackbacks, etc.  I plan to use a spam service on this blog to prevent such an abuse again.

If you are encountering any feed or viewing issues please do let me know.

3 thoughts on “Move to WordPress

  1. Wilfred van der Deijl


    I’ve been using WordPress for about a year and am very happy with it. If you ever run into spam issue, I can suggest using Spam Karma 2. I had about 50 spam comments a day. Since insalling Spam Karma 2 none of them have passed the filter and I only had one false positive.

  2. ngoodman Post author

    Thanks guys… So far I’m very happy with wordpress. I’ll check out spam karma, but I rather like the idea of a service changing the secret sauce constantly to keep “ahead” of the spammers. I think I’m going to try out Akismet to see if what they offer will help.


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