Web Analytics and Maturing Partner Offerings

Our good friends at BreadboardBI have just released a solution to provide a common web analytics and reports.  While that, in and of itself, isn’t that earth shattering because there’s several FOSS projects that do this, what IS compelling is that it’s a Pentaho solution.  This picks up where the others leave off; the ability to build your own custom reports, extend the solution with another dimension or fact.  Add some of your own views, deliver the reports via email, etc. 

Check out the project and some of the features at BreadboardBI and sourceforge.  Here are some screenshots from their application; there’s some cool stuff in there!

Including a bunch of “OLAP views” so that users can filter, slice and dice, and search for information on their own.

I think we’re going to see more of these “solutions” pop up over time.  We just released the Software Quality for Bugzilla two weeks back, BreadBoardBI just released their Web Analytics project, OpenBI have a set of templates “OpenQuick Suite” they use for consulting gigs, Proratio with their SAP Connector, etc.  I’ll venture to say that our growing partner base is maturing in the sophistication of their services; with services partners exceeding “pure play” consulting and including some solutions and rapid starts that help deliver even MORE value on top of Pentaho. 

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  1. jgimenez


    We’re also a certificed solution partner of pentaho.

    We’re happy to see that the partner base is growing, and hope that together we can make pentaho even better and widely used.

    We have also developed a demo/prototype and make it available online. It’s a showcase of a Pentaho solution deployed with jboss portal. It will continue to evolve in a short term, so chek it out and please don’t hesitate in telling us your thoughts about it.


    Best regards,


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