Pentaho tops 4.4 Million USD in open source code

Startups are interesting: Some days you love your job, other days you want to throw yourself out the window.  Yesterday I hated my job, for a variety of reasons.  One of the things that cheers me up when I’m in the midst of some tough stuff is looking at the big picture.

To date, Pentaho has built more than 313,981 lines of open source code.  It’s an estimated 81 person years.  At 55,000 USD / year for a developer that roughly equates to about 4,400,000 USD of “code” built and released under a business friendly, OSI approved, open source license (MPL).


We put the vast majority of our stuff into the open source project (more than 80%); it’s a complete product in and of itself and that’s something I personally am proud of.  I’ve added the “OHLOH” badge for Pentaho to the upper right hand corner so there’s a ticker on this page to keep track of the breadth, size, and investment in the open source edition of Pentaho:

Incidentally, the metrics are calculated by a very cool upstart ohloh.  They slurp data from source control systems and display cool metrics about projects, like ours.  Check them out!

One thought on “Pentaho tops 4.4 Million USD in open source code

  1. Thomas Morgner

    I really like the ‘Factoids’ Ohloh produces, although I think the numbers of the person years are a little bit high ..

    The source code has an extremely low number of comments relative to other Java projects.


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