On bad things happening to good people

My friend Mark Rittman recently lost his entire library of 700 blogs/articles/etc.  He’s handling it with SOOO much grace; testament to him as a gentlemen and all around great guy.  I know I personally would be furious, bitter, and livid (at least for a few weeks).

The worst part about the whole deal, the hosting company is unapologetic enough to state:

Customers who have their own backups will be able to restore their own
data. Our terms and conditions advise customers to have their own
backups in case there is a catastrophic loss. This is the first time we
have suffered such a loss.

Mark, I’m soooo sorry.  Here’s hoping you get some of it back (BI Blogs, OraBlogs, etc). 

5 thoughts on “On bad things happening to good people

  1. Mark Rittman

    Nick, thanks for the kind words. Don’t worry – I am furious, bitter and livid, but the hosting company have just presented it as a fait accompli. Life’s too short to get worked up about things you can’t change, unfortunately.

  2. Jez Nicholson

    The Wayback Machine may help too…. http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.biblogs.com

    Mark’s predicament is a good example of how much we all now trust Application Service Providers on the web. A few years ago it was nigh on impossible to convince someone to use a piece of software that wasn’t hosted on their own servers, connected to their own database, and backed up by their own technicians. ASPs should actively promote data protection or confidence will drop again and the market for webapps will be killed off.


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