New open source project: OWBScripts

I hadn’t had a chance to post yet, but Mark made mention of it on his blog so I figure it’s about time to post about it.

OMB is the TCL based scripting language that comes with Oracle Warehouse Builder that allows you to do OWB “things” programatically (ie, without the GUI).  It is very useful for doing ETL generation, mass updates, deploying mappings, etc.  Basically, anything that you are doing repetitively is a good candidate for making into an OMB script.  OMB is a cure for “tennis elbow” from clicking hours on end in the OWB GUI.

I’ve released a handful of OMB scripts that I used on consulting gigs, presentations, articles, etc.  There is nothing spectacular here, but hey, they’re not doing me any good!  If just one or two people find them useful it was worth the time to slap the Apache 2.0 license and upload them to

The release (initial and only unless someone else out there wishes to take on the management/augementation) includes scripts to:

a) Generate base SOURCE to STAGING Truncate/Staging mappings and tables.
b) Generate base STAGING to WAREHOUSE Insert/Update mappings, tables, and sequences.
c) Install repository and the standard CIF targets (Staging, Warehouse, AreaMart).

Let me know what you think and I do hope someone, somewhere finds it useful!
PS – I haven’t used OWB for nearly 9 months.  For something I used day in day out for YEARS that’s a long time to have not even touched it!

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