Turn Pentaho demo into a "server"

The standard Pentaho demo download is super quick and easy: there’s no installation and it just works.  You double click start-pentaho.bat and then it’s running in http://localhost:8080.

However, sometimes you may want to share this demo with others.  Roland Bouman has a nice blog entry on the specifics of how to change the demo install into a server. 

I add the following line to my start-pentaho.sh to make the hostname changing transparent. 

sed -i -e “s/http:\/\/.*:8080/http:\/\/`hostname -f`:8080/” jboss/server/default/deploy/pentaho.war/WEB-INF/web.xml

This allows one to move this “pentaho” to any system and it will startup properly with the http://actualhostname.company.com:8080 instead of http://localhost:8080.  I download a new build of Pentaho on about a weekly basis in addition to preparing virtual machines and zipped installs for customers, partners.  This little shortcut is an absolute must for me; it doesn’t make sense in the actual code release for a variety of reasons.

Perhaps someone else will find this little tidbit useful!  Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Turn Pentaho demo into a "server"

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  2. Nicholas Goodman Post author

    You are correct. This was back on an earlier version. Pentaho Enterprise Edition 3.0 requires a license key be generated so i”m guessing this won’t work. In fact, the new version is on tomcat instead of jboss so I’m nearly certain this won’t work on Pentaho EE edition.

    The url in question can now be changed from the administration console (enterprise and community).


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