Good Riddens Ecto

I was using Ecto, a Mac OS X blog client for the past year or so.  Overall I really DIDN’T like it, except that it had the ability to allow me to “Paste” images into the blog using the clipboard.  You’d be surprised at how many blog clients still force you save a file on to your computer, then browse to it, and then upload it, then include it in your post.  A real drag when you’re trying to do a few simple software screen shots.

I upgraded to a new Mac recently and the Ecto license key I had didn’t come over from the old Mac.  According to the Ecto website, just email them and they’ll send it along.  I emailed on 8/11/2009 and no response.  Not good customer service at all. 

But I really wanted to blog about the encrypted variables; I downloaded and gave ScribeFire a try and I’m switching.  It can paste images same as Ecto and it’s built right into Firefox.  Excellent!

So… Ecto customer service really goofed on this one.  You’ve got a customer who isn’t happy, gave me an opportunity to find something I like better, and a chance to blog about the whole thing!

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